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The most significant main mover for innovation is our affinity to customers and markets: In a customer-friendly manner and in line with the market we prepare technology road maps and product road maps, thus enhancing the innovative power of K.L. In the second element, Corporate Innovation, we are pooling technical know-how, analysing and developing new business segments. The third element includes targeted acquisition of companies that usefully supplement our technology and product portfolios, hence contribute to enhancing the innovative power of K.L.

Selected examples presented on these innovation pages once again testify to our innovative power.

In its capacities of supplier of own products as well as contractor, K.L. is active with its textile materials on various markets. In doing so, K.L. profitably combines knowledge of the specific requirements of individual applications with an eye for potential approaches to solutions and synergies from other sectors. Here, too, our motto applies: We create connections.

  • VCI anticorrosive Nor®Shield

    Nor®Shield AC is presently the most effective and most innovative anticorrosive based on a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI). This innovative laminate produced by K+L is characterised by the extremely fast buildup of the anti-corrosive atmosphere. K+L ensure a particularly high concentration of VCI in the packaging by using a gentle production process at room temperature and by invariably applying exactly the same amount of the active agent. In comparison with other VCI packaging products, there is almost zero loss of active agent in this particular product. Nor®Shield AC products feature a large reservoir of the active agent, combined with a large emission surface. The additional depot effect ensures an extended period of protection against corrosion, hence facilitates corrosion-free storage or transport of the product to be packaged.

  • K.L. offer modern alternative to classic flame lamination!

    In addition to lamination with adhesives and flame, K.L. are able to compound materials exclusively through gentle, thermal plasticization of the outer layers. Applying high-energy radiation modifies only the surface, which can be directly compounded with another material. This laminating procedure is currently available at K. L. up to a width of 2.10 m.

  • K. L. development partner of the automotive industry

    As inventors of the first textile airbag hinge we have been addressing for many years the question as to how to increase passenger safety while, at the same time, reducing weight and simplifying further processing steps. As regards driver, co-pilot, side and head airbags, we design and produce under the brand name Duraprotect® directly mountable separate reinforcement components based on various technical textiles, such as special woven or knitted fabrics or Curv®. In this context, full control and complete documentation are a matter of course to us. As development partner we are available as competent contact partner of large tier one and OEM companies as early as in the basic stage and the pre-launch phase. Have we raised your interest? Just give our reinforcement development unit a call.

  • K. L. offer service that by far exceeds the product!

    In order to simplify handling of the supply chain for benefit of the customer, in addition to the service concerning the manufactured product, K. L. also takes care of commissioning and processing entire product ranges. This offers the advantage that all products are available at a central warehouse, hence can be combined and distributed according to customer preference. In this context, organisational handling may be effected by the K. L. merchandise management system or via direct access to the system of the customer.

  • K. L. heavy coatings

    In addition to minimal quantities production K.L. has at its disposal modern technologies for high production volume  (>1.000 g/m²), intensively used, among others, for construction products. Even coats of complex adhesive systems with very high or very low viscosity are easy to apply.

  • K.L. invested in new cutting system

    In the wake of the growing business in narrow rolls and the tape business KL invested in a new KAMPF cutting system. Not only the possibility of a high winding and cutting speed, but also precision in winding of narrow strips distinguishes this system. In addition to the depth value for existing customers products we make this cutting capacity also for custom work available.

  • K.L. strong in the composite sector

    As regards composite materials, K. L. also supply a variety of laminates and coatings for specific materials, processing aids or prepregs. For instance, carbon or glass fabrics are combined with glass fleece or peel ply. Moreover, we are pleased to share with you our know-how in terms of compatibility with the resin systems of your preference. Similarly, application of binder systems to composite materials is feasible as well. These systems are able to compound individual fibre layers and prevent dislocation of layers - even where resin is loaded into the component at ever increasing speeds.

  • K. L. self-bonding lamination

    In cooperation with a leading German car manufacturer, K. L. have developed a self-bonding, pressure-sensitive lining that renders unnecessary any spraying unit in the down-stream laminating presses of the components manufacturers. A specifically designed adhesive is applied to the reel material with an easy-to-remove PP parting film. This material is fully capable of being punched, cut or laser-treated; moreover, in addition to mandatory ageing and climatic-change testing, it also meets particularly strict emission requirements.

  • CURV® - K. L. takes on distribution in the automotive sector

    K. L. has recently taken on distribution of the CURV® material for the automotive market and is now distributing this product in the lightweight construction segment. CURV® consists of 100% PP, has a very low density that allows weight reduction of up to 50 %, contains no gas whatsoever and is heat mouldable. High impact resistance and extremely good abrasion resistance round off this product for application in the automotive sector. Typical application fields include the use as airbag hinge, integrated airbag firing channel, spall liner and lightweight construction elements in the seats, underfloor or in the wheel arch shells. In this respect, K. L. having their own moulding plants, we are able to provide Curv® as a directly processable component.

  • K.L. self-bonding lamination – innovation to simplify the process chain

    In cooperation with one of the major German OEMs, K. L. developed a self-bonding coating that is applied to decorative reel material and covered with a very thin parting film to protect the adhesive layer. The parting film is easy to remove just before assembly and the component can be bonded. By using this self-bonding film, the use of any spray adhesive becomes quite unnecessary, which clearly improves cycle time and working conditions, while reducing scrap rates. Consequently, higher costs of investment in spray systems are not incurred.

  • K. L. are clearly more than service providers!

    K. L. offer support for start-ups and new developments. Interested parties can depend on profound support in terms of management capacity, technical know-how and, as the case may be, even financial involvement. If you are interested, please send us your business plan or development concept addressed to Mr. Wilke Schulz at any time - or give us a call! We are curious about your ideas!

  • K. L. invested in a new packaging plant

    In order to increase process safety as well as the degree of automation, K. L. have invested in a fully automated packaging plant. According to customer preference, we weld, label, band and palletise your short rolls ready for sale.

  • Thermoplastic pre-coating

    Always seeking to enhance efficiency, K. L. pre-coat decorative items with thermoplastic adhesives on an industrial scale for the automotive supply sector. Thus, the processing companies are able to forego complex coating processes for individual parts, particularly those involving reactive spray adhesives, thus significantly reducing their cycle times, along with complexity costs. Upon request, K. L. will cut to size inline according to the required width of components, or deliver pre-cut and coated parts.

  • K. L. invest in innovative monitoring technique

    In order to fortify their vanguard position on the market, K. L. invested in a monitoring technology for monitoring order quantities and detecting flaws. Combining these two systems increases process safety and ensures consistent product quality on a continuous basis. Embedding the system in the existing manufacturing line does not affect process parameters or production speed, thus leaving all existing products unchanged.

  • Electro mobility and heat close to the body

    The K. L. heating foil technology called FlexiWarm® is enjoying increasing popularity in the automotive industry. 80 % of car rides take less than 15 minutes. Particularly on short drives in winter, drivers and passengers need quick heat close to the body, without using a lot of energy to heat up the entire passenger cabin. In contrast to classic fan heaters, surface heating close to the body offers a quantum leap in terms of comfort. Over the past few years, due to other advantages of FlexiWarm®, such as easy drapability and the option to perforate or stitch the foil and particularly due the main characteristics, which are clearly improved in comparison to heating elements, we have become a relevant supplier of pluggable surface heating systems for door panels, armrests, centre boxes, steering wheels and seats.

  • Production and strorage space expansion in 2016

    With the biginning of the new year K.L. gets more than 9,000 m² of additional warehouse and production space. This creates room for new production lines and the increasing of contract logistics which K.L. offers for their customers as a service. In addition, new delivery and collection ramps are created to fasten up loading and unloading.

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